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From biomarker discovery to commercialization, we are here to meet your needs.​

Our experts customize individual services or integrated solutions across biomarker discovery, validation and CAP/CLIA-certified laboratory testing capabilities to provide you with targeted data that advances your specific product goals.

Accelerate your breakthrough
drugs and diagnostics


Maximize your development success by leveraging our expertise and capabilities in target discovery, testing and clinical trials.

  • Expertise to quickly discover the right target for your next breakthrough drug
  • Precise data and support to guide fast go/no-go decisions at any step in the development pathway
  • Customized and integrated solutions that fully support your asset launch goal
  • Diagnostics

    Accelerate your test commercialization efforts with our novel proteomics solutions and access to clinical resources, supporting biomarker validation, test panel optimization and clinical testing.

  • Clinical infrastructure and expertise to establish biomarker validity
  • Rapid targeted panel development through optimization of protein assays
  • Discovery, development and clinical testing to complement and advance your efforts
  • Core Principals

    The value of proteomics: It's about time.

    Unlike the genome, the proteome changes over time. It not only serves as a signature of current physiological status in response to multiple perturbations, but also offers relevant insights into targets for therapeutic intervention.

    Proteomics or the analysis of the proteome lies downstream of genetic and epigenetic factors that contribute to disease risk and upstream of biochemical changes, making it well positioned to contribute to discoveries in precision medicine

    Proteomics Can Provide Insights Into:

    • Timing of an event
    • Impact of multiple disease states
    • Real-time response to treatment

    Proteomics reflects accumulated disease risk and is an accurate indicator of current physiological status.

    What we do

    Propelling proteomics with mass spectrometry

    Mass spectrometry-based proteomics enables efficient development of high throughput assays for precise characterization and quantitation of proteins.

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