Resources and Research

Innovation at PBL

PBL not only provides cutting-edge proteomics services but also disseminates promising research via academic conferences, publications, and poster presentations.  On this page, you will find organized materials and insights produced by the experts at PBL.  If you are interested in information not listed below, please reach out to us on our Contact page.

Statistics and Machine Learning

PBL strives to simplify and present valuable clinical insights derived from proteomic data.  In addition to refined statistics, utilizing advanced computational techniques, data infrastructure and machine learning provides a fantastic opportunity to improve the quality and value of potential biomarkers and curate targeted protein panels.

Exploratory Analysis

Data is filtered and analyzed to find statistically significant relationships and optimal features

ML Models

Valuable insights are derived from Tree Models + Regression + Support Vector Machines

Performance Evaluation

The computational path to results is assessed with Model + Importance Metrics

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